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Modern industrial Robots carry on various  tasks of repeatable requirements with high degree of accuracy. These robots usually have high load carrying capacity and does the job 24/7 over and over again. Normal application of robotics is in production and assembly line automation where repetitive tasks are required to be performed with high accuracy. These robots are usually programmed only once and thus it becomes part of fixed set of operations.

Vasundara Manufacturing Systems has been involved in various applications of Robotics. VMS has conceptualized and provided various robotic solutions in the areas of material handling, Pick & Place applications, Welding applications, ladling applications, pouring applications, deburring application to name a few. At VMS, the project is handled on a turnkey basis including the design of jigs and fixtures required for the solution, robot integration, configuration, programming of the robot for the required application and process.

The programming of these Robots include simulation, path tracing, path programming, interlocks with external systems, operation prove out etc.